Sunday, May 10, 2020

Women Who Body Build, Do You Know What The Female Pros Know About Working Out? (Part 2)

Women Who Body Build, Do You Know What The Female Pros Know About Working Out? (Part 2):

- If your main goal for working out is to develop muscles, your genes play an important role in this regard. This is because some women are naturally muscular while others are not. Some have higher levels of testosterone which makes it easier for them to develop muscles.

But no matter what your genetic makeup is, you can be sure to increase about 20 % to 40 % muscles in the first few months of your training. So do not lose hope if you have a lithe or petite figure because there is still a chance for you to have muscles.

- When it comes to women who body build, it has been said over and over again that without proper diet, your workout will be a complete waste of time and energy. Your strength training will be worthless if you do not stop eating junk foods or foods that are rich in fat. It is important to have a balanced diet if you want to develop muscles or at least to lose fat.

You should reduce your intake of foods that are rich in carbohydrates. If you are going to consume carbohydrates, be sure to choose food rich in complex carbohydrates like whole grain pasta, beans, fruits, and vegetables.

On the other hand, you should increase your protein intake because protein is necessary for muscle building. Choose foods that are rich in protein like red meat, fish, soy, and poultry.

- Some people think that woman who body build have workouts that are different from body building for men because women have to use lighter weight lifts. This is not really true because women who want to develop muscles should train just as much as men.

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