Sunday, June 21, 2020

4 things I learned during the weight loss process:

4 things I learned during the weight loss process
1: Everyone has their time. Not because the blogger lost 30kg in 3 months you need to lose weight in the same way! Respect your time! ✨

2: Everyone has their own financial reality: It's okay if you can't buy Tasmanian coconut oil. We can be healthy with what we are able to buy. 😜

3: Life is much more than losing weight: You don't have to be so still about it! In addition to trying to lose weight, you can also work with what you like, go out, enjoy with family and friends, plan the future .... 😁

4: Weight loss goes far beyond “just closing your mouth”. Obesity is multifactorial, and to treat it you need to analyze several points... such as hormones, sleep quality, stress level, hydration, physical activity, food and even other social and emotional aspects of your life! ☺️ Be free from the patterns of beauty and live a light path 🤩 be your own inspiration ✨.

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