Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Can Women Build Muscle And Retain Their Femininity? (Part 1) :

Can Women Build Muscle And Retain Their Femininity? (Part 1)
Weight training and bodybuilding are often seen as very macho pursuits. And many people still think working with weights means bulking up. But building muscle doesn't have to mean supersizing your body. In fact building muscle is one of the fastest ways to lose fat and change your shape. Plus there are numerous other benefits.

For men and women building the perfect body is a common goal but obvious differences in anatomy and perhaps less obvious differences in metabolism requires a different emphasis on training and nutrition.

In purely physiological terms the female body is not suited to developing the same bulk and massiveness of male bodybuilders without chemical assistance. Female bodybuilders need the same degree of commitment but for building muscle women have different needs.

Gaining muscle through a good workout program can boost your health as well as your confidence. Building muscle is a better way of losing fat because it gives you a hard toned body rather than a soft thin one.

For women there are a number of real health benefits. Strength training helps build stronger bones and prevent osteoporosis. It's great for reducing cholesterol, burning fat and regulating blood pressure.

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