Monday, June 1, 2020

Weight loss 🐛180 lbs —> 150 lbs🦋⁣

Weight loss 🐛180 lbs —> 150 lbs🦋⁣
🐛180 lbs —> 150 lbs🦋⁣
(but I’m way happier and healthier which isn’t measurable)⁣

🐛i’ve been doggin on myself this whole quarantine time about how I’m not moving enough, not working out enough, not eating right...but sometimes I just need to look at how far I’ve come so I’ll stop putting myself down!!!⁣

🦋everytime I see the photo on the left, I can’t help but smile and appreciate how far I’ve come over the last 3 and a half years!! ⁣

Left photo is December 2016. I was doing a little cardio here and there. Some days I would nearly starve myself eating salads and grilled chicken. Other days I would get a huge sugary drink at starbucks and donuts. There was NO balance whatsoever ! ⁣

Right photo is March 2020. I’ve been lifting consistently since August 2017. I eat what I want but stick to healthy foods for the majority of the time and have chocolate just about everyday! I’m very happy and love myself🤩⁣

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