Saturday, June 20, 2020

Weight loss, I wanted a change!!

Weight loss, I wanted a change!!
I wanted a change!!

When I took that picture in the mirror on the left, January 2018, I remember thinking how bad I wanted a change. I wanted to love me again! I wanted to care about me again! I wanted to feed my body right, make it 100% healthy, and be able to do things with my family and kids again!

Change can be so hard and I use to not be the one up for change but I’m soooo glad my thinking has shifted and how much I love change! With that one decision to start and never look back it completely changed my life. So much love, happiness, blessings, and life have come from it!

Are you ready for a change? Don’t think tomorrow, next week, next month! Jump in today, just like I did back in Jan 2018!

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