Saturday, July 4, 2020

Beginners Guide to Muscle Gain (Part 2) :

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Beginners Guide to Muscle Gain (Part 2)

So now that I have put your mind at ease about weightlifting lets look at the reasons why you should be weightlifting.

1. It will strengthen your body which will improve the way you carry yourself and keep you from getting those little injuries that plague you from time to time
2. Weightlifting will help you lose fat
3. Weightlifting will increase you confidence

The big thing for dieters to know is that if you gain a pound of muscle that pound of muscle takes a lot more calories to maintain than a pound of fat. If you gain 10 pounds of muscle and keep your diet the same as today (hopefully a good diet rich in veggies and meat) then your body will need a lot more calories to just maintain you as a being and will need to burn some of your fat for energy - good for weight loss.

Next weightlifting will get you stronger and better able to handle day to day tasks be they moving the lawn or shovelling snow and you will have a better posture and get through work in a day with more energy and look better doing it.

Finally one of the big problems that I see with a lot of people are problems with confidence. There is nothing that helps your confidence along than some successes with lifting heavier and heavier weights in the gym.

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