Friday, July 3, 2020

Weight loss, Before and after surgery :

Weight loss, Before and after surgery
I’m cleaning out my closet today and I came across a lot of things that were my favorites before surgery. Honestly, things were my favorite as long as they fit. I pretty much lived in this t-shirt last summer... in fact I had 3 of the same shirt! I would make sure to never put them in the dryer so they wouldn’t shrink and I was constantly stretching them out as much as possible.

I hadn’t put one on since maybe January and I was absolutely floored when I put it on today. This was the first piece of clothing that really made me realize just how far I’ve come. If it was just a little longer I could pass it off as a dress!⁣

I’m going to be donating and listing a bunch of my old clothes on poshmark but this is one item I’m keeping forever. It makes me so happy to put it on now ❤️

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