Friday, July 17, 2020

Weight loss, Same pose, a few years apart ♥️

Weight loss, Same pose, a few years apart ♥️
My little body, I don't love you too much.
I don't often go to you to congratulate you and thank you in general.

When I look at you I insult you or I blame you for things, sorry for that!
Today I want and I need I think to tell you what I feel positive for you because we both come from afar and today I can say without lying too much that I am glad to have you anyway. We grew up in a world where there is a standard, a model that is said to be beautiful, perfect the good news is that you are getting closer to this standard. Well done!

The bad news is that it didn't stop you from damn pissing off.

In a world where even bodies that approach this standard are criticized, judged, observed.

But I no longer want to waste time having a negative opinion on you because whether I love you or not, I will have to live with you until the end so I will try to spend more time t to appreciate, to appreciate all the sensations that you give me. So thank you! Thank you for carrying my organs, thank you for allowing me to move. Thank you for everything, everything you make me feel in my heart, in my brain. You are my only vehicle to cross this life.

I'm going to have to live with you despite what I hate about you. So today I want to make peace my little body, I will try to love you because you are my only body.

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