Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Weight loss, Be your own motivation 🥰❤️

Weight loss, Be your own motivation 🥰❤️
I’m still the same girl with the same name. However my mindset has changed and so have my goals. Remember not everyone will stay around to celebrate your personal growth. Those that matter will support you and celebrate all the highs and lows
Since joining WW I have learnt so much about nutrition, portion control, the importance of sleep and water and I now enjoy exercising 😊 

I am now at goal weight, I’m enjoying maintaining and I’m also just loving the new me. Remember to be your own motivation. Strive to do better for yourself. My goal was to lose weight when I joined WW but I’ve actually ticked off so many goals I didn’t even know I had along the way! 🥳
WW is a lifestyle, never a diet. If you feel like your dieting your doing it wrong. Everything can be enjoyed in moderation and you should never have to rest Rox your favourite foods.
Please set small achievable goals that you can reach weekly, celebrate the small wins and the rest will follow!
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