Thursday, September 24, 2020

Bigger Thighs and How to Get Them (Part 2) :

Bigger Thighs and How to Get Them (Part 2)
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Bigger Thighs and How to Get Them (Part 2) :

Hack Squat - as before, lift up your heels. With the barbell held behind your posterior, squat until the weights on the bar nearly make contact with the ground.

Leg Presses

Leg Press Machine - using the same spacing between your feet on this machine as in the barbell squats mentioned above will determine whether you work the inner, outer or upper thigh muscles.

Decline Leg Press Machine - as above, the spacing between your feet determines which muscles are employed in this exercise. As a bonus, the gluteus maximus (buttocks) are targeted by decline leg press if you squat deeply enough.

Leg Extension Machine

The leg extension machine works the outer, inner and lower thighs.

Thigh Curls

If your gym doesn't have a dedicated thigh curl machine, a cable-and-pulley machine with ankle straps can be utilized to perform curls that use the thigh "bicep" and hamstring muscles.

Adductor and Abductor Machines

These widespread apparatus, well-liked with female bodybuilders, will enlarge the hip flexor and inner thighs correspondingly. The level of expansion of these muscular tissues contributes greatly to the overall look of your thighs. If these machines aren't inside your gym, a cable-and-pulley machine can replace it.

Dumbbell Lunges

This workout will develop the gluteus along with the rear thigh muscle mass. It also helps develop overall versatility, particularly within the hips.

Building bigger thighs is hard but any resolute body building regime absolutely must include leg workout routines.

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