Monday, September 7, 2020

Weight loss, Let's talk about limits :

Weight loss, Let's talk about limits
There are good and bad limits. Good boundaries come from a place of self-awareness and being one with yourself. However, bad habits stem from fear, trauma, and external opinions.

For so long I let the bad limits I had be a determining factor in my life. I allowed the limitations that I thought I had to define what my appearance was like.

He lived in fear, he was afraid of the world, he always talked about a great game, but he never saw it. I let my past define my future, I told myself that I deserved the trauma and that the aftermath was simply something to "live with".

I lived in pain instead of learning about it. I let other people convince me and convince me to take other paths.

Limitations are something that YOU control.

You get to decide what you are capable of. You are your biggest cheerleader and your biggest enemy. You are what stands between a zombie lifestyle life and a life worth living.

Ask yourself:
“What limitations am I putting on myself? "

If you remove the fear of the unknown, of external opinions, and look at it with your intrepid eyes; What would you achieve?⁣

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