Friday, October 30, 2020

64 years and Thriving! Why I lift weights and eat healthy !

64 years and Thriving! Why I lift weights and eat healthy !

64 years and Thriving!
Aspire to Inspire!
Why I lift weights and eat healthy!
This past weekend I fell down a half flight of wooden steps after losing my balance. If you follow my story, you know I became 100% disabled at the age of that time, my vestibular system in my inner ear was destroyed 100%.... with no cure, for the rest of my life. In layman's terms I have no balance system anymore and it is difficult to stay upright without falling.

All of this is due to an IV antibiotic by the name of Gentamicin. It took me 2 years just to learn how to walk again and still had to use a cane for a long time. When doctors tell you that you will eventually be wheelchair..... you have to stop and either accept that or fight like a WARRIOR to get your life back. A few years ago I decided to FIGHT AND GET MY LIFE BACK and have refused to NEVER GIVE matter how hard it is some days vs others.

A little over 4 years ago, I make the decision to start strength training not only to build my leg muscles and become stronger in every aspect, but also because of all of the other health benefits.
Growing muscle mass and preserving bone density and keeping osteoporosis at bay, especially as we age, is just one health benefit to name a few.

Well, even though I took a hard fall, which is rare for me and a person who can be prone to falling, I am happy to say I had no broken bones.....just a little bruised up and sore. Did you know that falling as we age is #1 reason for major injury or even death.

My silver lining is that after this extreme fall, it could have been much worse even disastrous....but, I believe that my commitment to fitness, saved me from extreme injury. As we age, especially women, osteoporosis becomes a very common problem and then you have to take medication with all of the side effects. Strength Training has kept my bones strong with no signs of osteoporosis whatsoever. At 64....I have no plans of ever stopping my fitness lifestyle and I hope to encourage and inspire you to do the same. It is never too late to get started. The older we get the more we need fitness in our life.... if we want to stay strong, agile and healthy and most importantly stay independent and out of nursing homes. Don't give in to what you can change now. I share my story and I am always transparent in hopes of encouraging others to take YOUR LIFE BACK! Start Today!
You have one life....make it count and take care of your body!
Peace and Love ❤️

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