Thursday, October 29, 2020

My mission to beat obesity

My mission to beat obesity
When you are morbidly obese you develop all sorts of behaviors based on how you believe people will receive you.⁠

Example: if you’re going to a restaurant you’ll most likely avoid a booth (might not fit) when going shopping for clothes/ shoes you probably won’t want a clerk to help you because of fear of judgement based on your size or inability to fit items they suggest.⁠

You become hypersensitive ( think people are talking about you; they might be sometimes) you become critical of others OR you become tolerant of everyone’s shit because “you know how it feels to be judged” in relationships you might not speak up for yourself.⁠

Food is your best friend, and so on and so forth.⁠

So today I’m still on my mission to beat obesity and I think Im doing pretty good. body dysmorphia is a challenge but I’m working on that as well.⁠

Physical success will require changes in your mind and behaviors, body positive doesn’t mean applaud unhealthiness🤔⁠

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