Friday, November 20, 2020

How to Burn Fat Quickly :

How to Burn Fat Quickly
The golden question, "How to burn Fat?", from the emails that I receive, this question is one of the most asked, because it's the most wanted, if you are a bodybuilder but have 20% of body fat, you will be like a fat guy whit some muscles, and you don't want that , you want to be cut whit a hard 3d 6-pack, know you're asking me what can I do to reduce the body fat %....that's simple, Interval timing , when you do cardio like running, swimming, jumping rope or others activity you have to mix low whit high intensive level ,if you run more than 30 min always the same way you're body will train only your lungs ; you don't want that , you want to reduce the fat that is hiding you're 6-pack, so when doing cardio do it 60 second of high level them 90 second of low level , this way your body will be cutting Fat, because every time you do a high intensity level and suddenly a low intensity level your body will not have the time to recover from the chock and will use your fat for energy , you must work your cardio in the morning on a empty stomach to burn the extra fat that you don't need.
Do it for one to two week's, registry your waist size and then you will see that is really working, if you are a beginner do it like this:

-25 min running
-60 seconds High intensity level
-90 seconds Low intensity Level

But if you are an advance level :
-30 min running
-60 seconds High intensity level
-60 seconds low intensity level

I hope you enjoy it and learn something useful for cutting the extra Fat on your body

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