Saturday, December 12, 2020

Weight loss : Commitment to Objective

Weight loss : Commitment to Objective
In weight loss programs, the level of your success is dependent on how dedicated you are to carrying out the recommended instructions. Commitment is therefore critical to getting the full benefits of the program.

Most people that buy a program are unable to stay committed to one program until the weight problem is solved. They are quick to abandon one program for another with the belief that the program failed to work, when in the real sense it was their lack of commitment that caused the failure.

If you relate this to pursuit of goals that lead to success, most people are unable to follow through on a particular goal for long term and reach the end.

Just like the person that failed to lose weight blames the program, so does a person seeking for success blame others and unfavorable circumstances, rather than take responsibility for lack of commitment to follow through on the task they were pursuing.

Success does not come at just one attempt. Having a long term view of the process is the key to achieving success. You must be dedicated to your goal to achieve it no matter how long it takes.

Jumping from one Vocation to another, or pursuing a goal halfway and abandoning it to chase another one, reduces the speed to your destination. Imagine a car that is always going around aimlessly and keeps starting fresh journeys everyday from new locations but have no destination. It will go around in circles perpetually and fail to head to a specific place.

Be purpose driven and committed to reach a specific objective if you wish to be successful in life. Commitment is like a homing device taking you to the exact spot you have preplanned. Whereas, aimlessness leaves you stunted and stranded in one spot without any progress.

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