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Weight loss, lossHere are some of my best tips:

Weight loss, lossHere are some of my best tips
SW: 240
CW: 157
5'4, 46 years old - Started May'18
Chronic pain and autoimmune conditions (Ulcerative Colitis, migraines, anemia, high rheumatoid, fibromyalgia.. my body hurt everywhere!) I was miserable and felt so STUCK.
I'm down 9 medications so far, and getting my life back 🙌🏼
▪️Here are some of my best tips:
• I eat what I call “clean Keto”
strive for whole foods whenever possible.
(Think "meat department proteins" vs. deli and processed meats)
• Focus on reducing inflammation first; target inflammation with the foods you eat.  Limit packaged/processed foods and unhealthy oils. Read labels! So many products labeled "Keto" still contain corn, sugar and others that promote inflammation.
• An inflamed body will not release weight! Inflammation levels matter and can hinder the progress on the scale!
• Count total carbs (veggies are the exception)
• intermittent fast most days, minimum of 18:6 (eating window in 6 hours or less each day. For example, if I finish eating at 6 PM, I would not eat again until 12pm, the following day.)

• Cut out fatty coffee, I do use Califia toasted coconut/almond milk in my coffee now. (45 calories for a whole cup, I am able to lighten my ☕️ for few calories)
• Reduce amount of cheese intake! 😜 I used to eat so.much.cheese, and now I limit to 1-2 ounces per day at most. I now treat dairy as a condiment, not a food group.
• I do not eat my full fat macros most days. Prioritize all of my protein macros each day, and only eat enough fat to feel satisfied and produce happy hormones.
(Some days I eat higher fat if energy demands are higher, but I don’t just go crazy on fat. If you eat too much fat, your body doesn't need to burn fat, and so you won't see weight loss, and you might even gain.)
• Cut off eating at 6-7pm; this gives my body a digestion break, sleep is improved, and helps me not overeat, since late night eating used to be my downfall.  If you also struggle with binging or eating too much at night, I recommend implementing a cut-off time.
• I did not exercise for most of my journey due to multiple painful knee surgeries. This is just from changing my food + intermittent fasting!
I hope this helps!

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