Wednesday, January 6, 2021

How to Boost Your Workout Intensity :

How to Boost Your Workout Intensity
A lot of people fail to overcome a bodybuilding plateau because their training is not intense as it is supposed to be. You have all the information you need from the bodybuilding articles, you eat right, and get adequate rest but still you are not able to get the results you were hoping for, which are large muscles. You end up getting frustrated about your bodybuilding progress until you turn to steroids as a way out. When you do this, this signifies the end of your bodybuilding career since steroids have very adverse side effects. This will affect both your psychological health and your physical health.

Your psychological health will be affected in the following ways; you could experience mood swings, you could become very aggressive, you could suffer from withdrawal syndrome, depression, and suicidal tendencies. Your physical health will be affected as follows; liver disorders, kidney failures, and heart conditions and strokes. There are other side effects which are less life threatening and if a person quits taking steroids they could be reversible. They include; in men- shrinking testicles, there breasts could enlarge, low sexual drive or libido, impotence, and premature lose of hair. In females the side effects include; growth of facial hair, disrupted menstrual cycles, development of a hoarse voice, and an enlargement of the clitoris.

The only way you can be able to increase your muscle size is through intense training. Normally muscle growth occurs as a natural adaptive response of the body so that it can be able to handle a lot of demanding activities. Intense training is also very important if you want to increase your body mass. You need to lift very heavy weights so that you can be able to effect maximum damage on your muscles. If you are not able to effect maximum damage on your muscles then you will not be able to experience great body transformation in terms of increase in muscles. Therefore observe techniques such as compound movements and progressive resistance training.

Below are steps which can help you train intensely in the gym;

1. Prepare yourself mentally

You have to prepare yourself psychologically so that you can be able to handle the pain of intense training. This is because intense training is not as simple as taking a walk in the park; you have to prepare yourself for intense pain.

2. Learn to relish the pain

You have to set your mind such that you enjoy each pain you experience in your body due to intense training because this signifies you are progressing in transforming your body. If you train and yet you feel no pain then this means you have not gained anything from your workout.

3. Surround yourself with positive minds

The people you train with determine whether you are going to succeed in your training. If they are motivated and have a positive mind they will be of help to you in times when you feel your motivation levels are low. In order to perform intense training you have to be highly motivated and this is where they come in to assist.

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