Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Muscle Building - The Top 9 Muscle Building Myths :

 1. Nutrition Supplements Will Help You Gain Muscle

Nutritional supplements are big business of course manufacturers will promise you massive muscle gain. However it is estimated that such supplements will generally make a 1-2% difference, if that.

Powders are nothing more than crushed up food, loaded with artificial flavourings, preservatives and chemicals.

2. You Must Alternate Between Low Intensity Phases and High Intensity Phases

The science behind muscle growth tends to get blurred; muscles can only grow if you give them reason to, or if they are if they are subjected to stresses that they aren't accustomed to. This is referred to as Overload, or progressive overload. Therefore, how can muscles grow during low intensity phases if there is no overload?

3. Your Genetics are to Blame if You're Not Getting Bigger

'Hard Gainer' is often a term used by failing bodybuilders when they don't see results. There is no such thing as a hard gainer. Genetics are rarely the problem. Everyone has their shortcomings; you just have to work harder to overcome them.

4. Take Steroids if You Have Not Made Gains After a Few Years

The dangers of steroids far outweigh the gains. Unfortunately many bodybuilders use steroids because the short term medical effects of acne, mood swings and female growth tissue are ignored are not so severe.

Long term effects of steroid use include:

    Increased risk of heart attack & strokes
    Hardening of arteries due to steroids affecting cholesterol
    Reduced fertility
    Increased risk of liver and other organ failure
    Decrease in natural male testosterone levels

5. "Sculpting," "Toning," "Shaping" and "Defining" Muscles

There is no such thing as toning a fat arm. You either lose the fat or build the muscle and make it bigger.

6. High Reps for Getting Cut and Low Reps for Mass

Muscles are growing, shrinking or staying the same. Again this comes down to progressive overload in which the next workout must exceed the last, forcing the muscles to grow.

7. Splitting Up Your Routine: Leg Day, Chest Day, Arm Day

Splitting up your routine is fine and has some benefits but it is also the fastest way to over-train and burn out.
It is easy to think that training everyday is fine because you are working a different part of the body, however you are putting a strain on your central nervous system, immune system and hormonal system.

8. Train Instinctively - "Listening To Your Body"

You need to base your training and results on more scientific methods.

9. Keep Changing Workouts to Keep Things Fresh

People who keep changing queues in supermarkets because they constantly think that the other queues are moving quicker than the queue they are stood in are likened to those people who give up on something too quickly and immediately look for the next idea/program/workout.

Muscle Building - The Top 9 Muscle Building Myths
Muscle Building - The Top 9 Muscle Building Myths
Muscle Building - The Top 9 Muscle Building Myths
Muscle Building - The Top 9 Muscle Building Myths
Muscle Building - The Top 9 Muscle Building Myths

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