Friday, February 12, 2021

Weight loss, fasting style :

Weight loss, fasting style
Been intermittent Fasting for 6 months and lost 60 pounds....I still see a girl who should lose 15 pounds but everyone says I need to maintain.  Any cc would help. Thanks y'all
Edited to include what I did
I'm 40 years old
I did the 18:6 fasting style the entire time
Ate from 1-7 ate clean and drank nothing but water in my fasting hours. No tea, no coffee. No crazy diet or keto or anything..mostly ate chicken, rice, and salads...

I eat only clean stuff nothing from a box
Fruits, vegetables, and white rice with salt, and a protein  or I'll do a big salad, especially Ceasars salads, sandwiches with nothing but sourdough bread really nothing crazy. Zero sweets really except holidays.  my vice is Pepsi,  if I had it it was within my eating hours
Didn't really take before pics but here is a pic of what I used to look like
Edited again to include...
I do strength band training 3 days a week is all, nothing intense or heavy

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