Monday, February 8, 2021

Weight Loss The Sensible Way : Metabolism: "Controlled Calorie Burn"

Weight Loss The Sensible Way : Metabolism: "Controlled Calorie Burn"
Metabolism is your body's natural ability to burn the energy contained in food, high metabolism means more calories burned while low metabolism means an increased chance of being overweight, the unburned calories are stored as fat in the body. To burn more calories and body fat you will need to tap into your body's natural metabolism cycle. Once you do this you can manipulate it into working overtime and trick it into burning the stored fat. This can be achieved by eating many small healthy food snacks throughout the day when hunger hits. Carrots, Celery as well as cucumber and cherry tomatoes make great low calorie "metabolism boosting" foods.

When theses foods are digested and the body begins it's metabolism of the food energy the lower calorie content of these foods "tricks" the metabolism into burning fat for the additional calories the body requires for natural body functions. The body will then start burning the calories stored in the fat of the body as an alternate source of fuel for metabolism, hence the fat loss will begin without you even knowing it.Other metabolism building foods include, fresh fruit, yogurt, popcorn, rice cakes and unsalted nuts. These foods essentially prime the "fat burning" system that we all have, a healthy food snacks are a vital part of most weight loss programs, this is what is meant by a "Controlled Calorie" Burn. Whenever you get hungry this is your opportunity to kick start the fat burning process and trick the body into this "Controlled Calorie Burn" with the method mentioned above.

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