Thursday, February 11, 2021

Weight Loss The Sensible Way : Weighing Yourself:( Once a month)

Weight Loss The Sensible Way : Weighing Yourself:( Once a month)

Losing weight is a game of up and down and the road to your ultimate weight goal is filled with many peaks and valleys and your exact weight at any time during this program will reflect this. My suggestion is to measure your weight at the start of your weight loss program and set a realistic goal for yourself to attain in one month. Start your weight loss program and forget the scale for at least one month. Your measurement of success can be calibrated from fitting into clothes that were once too tight or tightening the belt a notch or two. Theses accomplishments give greater immediate satisfaction than the number you read on a scale. If you do a once a month weigh in you are more likely to see substantial results rather than the up and down fluctuations you are likely to see on a daily basis. These slight weight gains can be discouraging and possibly derail you from the progress you've made on your program.

Your success with any weight loss program will manifest itself in the way you feel. A lighter more energetic you will be the "real" reward for your weight loss efforts, not a number on a scale. When you start seeing results in the mirror then a weigh maybe justified to see how far you have come, the feeling of accomplishment is much more real at this point. Do not measure your success on the number of pounds you've lost but rather the real advantages the loss of weight has offered to you in your life. Keep positive and set your mind on your goal, if you are determined then the desired results will follow. I should know I've lost nearly 40 lbs in the last month and a half by observing these facts, I even cheat a little more than I should but I still keep my eyes on the prize. If you are one of those people that need a well regimented system to lose weight and does better with a step by step outlined weight loss program, I evaluate 3 of the most popular weight loss systems on the market, you can find my evaluations of these programs at my website address bellow.

👉 Starvation. "Survival Mode"
👉 Exercise: "Fat Burning Mode"
👉 Metabolism: "Controlled Calorie Burn"
👉 Smaller Meal Portions:
👉 Liver Flushing: (Water is Key)
👉 Food Choices: (Lower calories foods means more fat is burned)

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