Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Myth number 4) Free weights for men, machines for women :

Myth number 4) Free weights for men, machines for women
This is one of those stupid, old, sexual stereotypes from the '70's that never really went away. Old fashioned gyms used to be the reserve of manly men, but that stopped in the '80s when commercial gyms came into being. The thing is, in many cases, the free weights area is still kind of off limits to women. Why is this? Do the men intimidate the women with all their unnecessary grunting? Is it because the exercises seem "too manly"? Are women concerned that they might get big muscles like the guys? (We've covered this now). Is it really the smell??? (Can't help with that one - too many protein shakes are the probable culprit there I think). Whatever the reason, the free weight area contains some of the best tools a girl can use to give her the body she always dreamed of.

It's interesting to note that some exercises and machines are deemed to be male or female when the reality is that our bodies are so similar, that pretty much all exercises are beneficial to both sexes. That being said, some exercises considered very "masculine" are virtually essential for any woman wanting to work on the traditional female "problem areas" of the hips, butt and thighs. I refer to the squat, dead lift, stiff legged dead lift and to a lesser extent the lunge and high step up. With enough weight, these exercise will give most guys the "killer wheels" they're after, but with moderate loading and a rep count of 15-20, they will carve any woman an awesome lower body in much less time than endless sets of hip abduction, hip adduction or standing leg curls.

Any woman who wants a good lower body should learn to squat and dead lift. Period.

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