Thursday, March 25, 2021

Women, Weight and Weight Training :

Women, Weight and Weight Training
I have just returned from my daily trip to the gym. While I was there, I noticed an interesting phenomenon. The gym I use is a big, open plan, well equipped room but it seemed there was an invisible force field around the weight training area that only the female clientele could see. The whole time I was there, not a single member of the gentler sex came into the weight training area. Luckily for me, the force field didn't prevent me from going into the cardio area and asking a few ladies why they didn't come over to the other side of the gym.

Their responses ranged from "I don't want big muscles" to "cardio is best for weight loss" to "it smells really bad over that side!" After speaking to a few more women (in the name of science obviously) I realised there was an awful lot of misinformation, confusion and outright lies being spread about resistance training so in this article, I intend to dispel a few of those old myths and start a petition to get more woman lifting weights!

👉 Myth number 1) Strength training will cause big, bulky muscles and make woman look masculine.
👉 Myth number 2) To lose weight, I need to do lots of cardio.
👉 Myth number 3) To tone up I need to do lots of reps with a light weight.
👉 Myth number 4) Free weights for men, machines for women.
👉 Myth number 5) Muscle turns to fat when you stop training - I don't want that to happen to me!
👉 Myth number 6) Strength training makes muscles short and bulky - I want long slender muscles like a dancer so I do yoga instead.
👉 Myth number 7) Strength training just takes too long and I have to go too often - I don't have time!
👉 Myth 8) I can't strength train because I have back/knees/shoulder pain.

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