Tuesday, March 2, 2021

V-Shaped Body and How to Get It!

V-Shaped Body and How to Get It!
The V-Shaped body has broad shoulders, wide lats and narrow waist. All the things combined form a V shape when you are looking at a body from behind. And you can definitely say that the guy who has it looks great. Here is what Wikipedia says about it:

Body shape has effects on body posture and gait, and has a major role in physical attraction between opposite sexes. This is because a body's shape implies an individual's hormone levels during puberty, which implies fertility, and it also indicates current levels of sex hormones.[4] A pleasing shape also implies good health and fitness of the body. The art of figure drawing defines body proportions that are considered ideal.

Now, I think most of the guys who are currently skinny would love to have it. I do! The guys who have it walk differently, they walk confidently, sexy women notice it and always mention it as being attractive (although definitely not the most important thing). I don't mean to say that you should get V-Shape for the girls, nope, but if you get it, your posture will be great, you will feel great and be confident!

Now, how to get it you ask? Well, there are some good news here!!! For skinny guys it's easier to get it than for fat guys. Ectomorphs have tiny waist already and we don't need to lose fat off of it! It's our advantage. All we need to do is to get wider lats and broader shoulders. Best exercises for that are Barbell Rows and pull ups (for wider lats), Lateral Raises, Reverse Flies sitting on the bench (for broader shoulders).

The workout routine I offer you to do already has these exercises in it so if you are doing it then you are already on your way to V-Shaped body! If you aren't doing it yet then drop the old one! Getting that V-Shape will help you feel better about yourself, be more confident and stronger!

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