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How fast should you lose weight?

How fast should you lose weight?
The 20% deficit I suggested you create if calculated accurately should be enough for the average person to lose about a half to two pounds a week and that is only with calorie counting, Now ad in a diet plan and exercise methods, what do you think, can you achieve your weight loss goal. Listen, the more out of shape you are, or the more fat you have rather than muscle, the greater effect your diet plan and exercise methods will have on you. Don't do anything stupid, if you haven't exercised or dieted for a long time, you need to talk to a doctor and make sure all is well for you to go forward with your diet plan and exercise methods to achieve your weight loss goal. I would say to you as a precaution, weigh yourself once a day in the morning when your stomach is empty and check your progress and if you are losing weight to rapidly adjust your methods and plans accordingly. Safety first, remember, you do have people that want you around!

Now as you work out and eat fewer calories, what is going to happen? You know, and as soon as I tell you, you'll say, of course. You're going to develop more muscle and get rid of fat. Remember I said that just having muscle means your body burns more calories just to maintain your weight. One thing you do need to do when you start working out and losing weight is give your body the protein it needs to maintain your muscle mass. Eating protein each day is necessary to maintaining muscle mass while you lose weight. You want to get rid of the fat and maintain the muscle, right? Protein is the key to keeping lean muscle tissue and getting rid of fat. Protein is the most filling nutrient also. Protein will make you fuller and keep you feeling less hungry than carbs or fat. Protein is necessary for keeping your appetite or hunger at a level you can control. Plus protein burns more calories while it is being digested than fat or carbs do. All foods use calories when they are being digested. The amount of protein you need is relevant to your body mass, muscle or fat, and the methods or diet you use to lose that fat and achieve your weight loss goal. Use the amount of protein your body would need if you were at your desired weight. Common foods high in protein are fish, eggs, and turkey, chicken and lean cuts of red meat. You can also find protein supplements.

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