Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Protein Low Carb Shakes, Get Ripped Muscles :

Protein Low Carb Shakes, Get Ripped Muscles

On the Internet, you often see ads about 6 pack abs and ripped muscles. Everyone wants the visual appearance of a fitness model. But do you know that it takes a fair amount of time and work before you can achieve that?

To get a ripped body, there are really two goals that you want to achieve. The first goal is that you want bigger muscles. Bigger muscles are more visible and more visually appealing. The second goal is to ensure that the muscles are visible. For the average person, muscles are covered under a layer of fat. That layer of fat has to be removed so that muscles can appear ripped.

That's why fitness models and bodybuilders talk a lot about body fat percentage. The goal here is not to lose weight. In fact, as you acquire more lean muscle mass, you become heavier because muscle is heavier than fat. But gaining weight shouldn't bother you too much because your main aim is to improve your health, strength and physical appearance.

The average male has about 17 to 20% fat. Female has slightly higher than that. If you want a ripped body, you have to at least achieve a body fat percentage of about 10 to 12%. Professional bodybuilders can bring their body fat percentage to as low as 4 to 5%. But that is usually unnecessary for most fitness enthusiasts.

To lower the body fat percentage, you have to eat clean. Eating clean means that anything that can be easily converted to fat should be eliminated from your diet. For example, during the cutting phase, avoid anything with sugar and high carb in them.

That's why bodybuilders like to consume low carb protein shakes when cutting. Be sure to read the nutritional labels before making a purchase. Low carb shakes can help you get ripped quicker.

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