Saturday, May 1, 2021

Women and Male Body Building :

Male Body building has long since been a sport that has grown in popularity with men and women alike. Female participation in the sport is much to the delight of men...maybe the visa versa as well. It is a sport that utilizes both mind and body to meet the goals of the demanding body builders.

Achieving that great symmetrical body is a huge "rush". When you set goals to build a chiseled body and watch the progress of the ensuing months, it is nothing short of elation.

Male body builders have a distinct advantage over their female counterparts because of a simple or not so simple hormone called testosterone. Testosterone stimulates muscle enlargement and bone growth and also raises the level of red blood cells in a man's blood stream. Thus testosterone helps men to work out more intensely and hence build muscle more easily.

Now for the mechanics of body building. Men and women need to plan their workouts to exercise different muscle groups on different days. Sufficient rest must be planned as well. A suggested pattern of workouts is to workout on alternate days.

On workout days ensure that the muscle group to be exercised is different for each workout day. This allows for an intense workout for a particular muscle group and sufficient rest to allow the body time to repair the muscle, thereby making the muscle bigger.

As for the workout itself it's all about intensity and repetition. The workouts must take each repletion to the point of concentric (lift or pull) muscle failure. The next time you exercise that muscle group the weights or repetitions need to be increased. So keep a record of each and every workout.

Women and Male Body Building Women and Male Body Building Women and Male Body Building Women and Male Body Building Women and Male Body Building

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