Sunday, June 6, 2021

Ab Training For Women (Part 2) :

👉 Ab Training For Women (Part 1)

Ab Training For Women (Part 2) :

Another thing that will be a big help for women looking to lose weight and get a flat sexy core would be lifting weights.

Now there is quite a bit of difference between the types of women that may be reading this. Some of you may want to get bigger and quite ripped. But no doubt most of you are thinking "I don't want to lift weights and get big and bulky, I just want to reduce my waist size and get a nice stomach" well don't be afraid to lift weights.

Everyone has testosterone, male or female it doesn't matter. But men have much more of it. These big muscular women that you see, the ones that are bigger then a lot of men. They are usually the result of a combination of good genetics, many years of intense and focused lifting and steroids.

The average women can't get "to muscular" without the help of steroids. So if you stay away from steroids you shouldn't have much problem. And even if you are one of these very genetically gifted female's that is capable of getting very "big" you will only get that way after much training and you will be able to see yourself slowly changing that way.

So don't think that you are going to pick up the weights one day and wake up the next day looking like a world class bodybuilder.

What lifting weights does do for you is burn calories, both during lifting and afterwards. Your body will burn many calories well you lift and that's great news. But what is even better news is that weight lifting can speed up your metabolism for up to three days. Actual the more muscle that you walk around with the more calories that you burn, so if we have two girls doing the same activity but one is quite a bit more muscular then the other, guess which one is going to burn the most calories? The girl with more muscle. Remember most of you will never get too muscular without artificial help.

 Ab Training For Women (Part 2) Ab Training For Women (Part 2) Ab Training For Women (Part 2) Ab Training For Women (Part 2) Ab Training For Women (Part 2) Ab Training For Women (Part 2)

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