Monday, June 7, 2021

Ab Training For Women (Part 1) :

Ab Training For Women (Part 1)
Do stomach exercises like crunches give you that flat sexy core you want? Not usually; you see you already have washboard abs. But if you can't see them then it's probably because they are buried under a layer of fat. Doing things like crunches or sit ups do not burn fat! So many women think that doing these exercises will make them skinner but they won't.

Many women also think that they can control fat loss and lose fat in certain spots instead of others. This is called spot reduction and you can't do it. Your body has a natural order that it will follow when you are losing fat. Think of it like someone taking water out of a pool. You can't just decide that you want one end to be deeper than the other so you are going to take the water out of that end of the pool. No matter where the water is taken out of in the pool it will replace its self in a certain manner. You can lower the level of the pool but not in one specific spot.

So women need to burn fat and they can't just lose fat in their hips or thighs or stomachs. And crunches are going to strengthen your abdominal muscles but they won't burn fat and so all you will end up with is a strong, and fat stomach.

How do we remove this fat covering our stomachs? The first thing that we do is eat better.

This does not mean that we go on the all water diet or in any way starve ourselves! In fact not only is this unhealthy for us but it is also ineffective. We what need to do is find a combination of changes in the things that we eat and the times that we eat.

I usually think that most people can continue to eat everything that they are already eating! I just like to reduce the amount of "junk" food, increase the amount of "good" food and change the time of day and even the days that we eat specific foods. Because your body will handle specific foods different at different times of the day, and it even makes a difference on what particular days you eat certain foods.

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