Thursday, September 23, 2021

Basic Strength Training : 3 - Principles

Basic Strength Training : 3 - Principles
3 - Principles :
Routine principles are both underrated and overrated at the same time. I'm aware that I say that as an oxymoron but some principles are overrated such as "fatigue". Far too often people think you must train to absolute failure when in reality; it is used as a tool. The most under-looked principle there is progressive overload. Since the discussion of overload was gone over in an earlier paragraph; we can conclude the importance of it to gaining muscle.

The only principle you should accustom to yourself as a beginner is the progressive resistance principle; what this means, is essentially a method of adding weight each workout. Assuming caloric requirements have been met this will make the muscle respond accordingly to the tension placed upon it. So if you came in the gym and squatted 225 on Monday, aim for 230 on Wednesday.

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