Sunday, October 10, 2021

Easy Ways to Lose Stomach Fat With Cardio:

Easy Ways to Lose Stomach Fat With Cardio

In the next few minutes you will see how the proper use of cardio can make you lose stomach fat fast. Have you heard that cardio is dead? This is not true. There are lots of cardio exercises that you can use to burn fat fast if you do it correctly. I will quickly tell you a few exercise tips that will help you to lose that stubborn belly fat quickly.

1. You don't need slow steady cardio like running on a treadmill slowly for hours. If you just run on the treadmill for 20 minutes at a time, it won't help much, because this is how long it takes for your body to go into fat burning mode. And If you stop doing the workout, your body stops burning fat.

2. Not training with high intensity means wasting your time and you will not get a flat belly. That means you need to spend your time on moderate or high intensity workouts. With high intensity training you give your metabolism a big boost and you end up burning much more calories. If you can read the paper or watch TV while you exercise you are not training hard enough. Step up your cardio routine with harder work.

3. Use some weights. It is stupid to think that weight lifting is only for serious bodybuilders or people that want to gain weight. The leanest and most ripped people in the world are training with free weights. And this includes females as well. Weight training is important if you want to lose stomach fat fast. After a heavy weight training session, your body has been stimulated and it still goes on burning fat instead of carbs.

4. Get variation. Your body is a lot smarter then you think. If you keep doing the same thing over and over and for the same amount of time, your body will stay the same. It will not improve. You need to step it up and do heavier weights and more intense workouts so that your body has to work extra hard to keep up, thus burning the fat and building the muscle.

5. Do cardio early in the morning. For big results you need to do your cardio in the mornings on an empty stomach. During this time your stored cabs are low and you will burn more fat, because your body needs to burn off the carb you eat first. It also raises your metabolism for the rest of day, burning more carbs during your day.

Also remember that a good nutrition is very important. Without the correct diet you won't be able to get that flat stomach.

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