Monday, October 11, 2021

Gaining Muscle 101 (Part 1) :

Gaining Muscle 101 (Part 2)
Today we'll talk about how to gain that bit more of muscle mass. I'm not talking about bodybuilder mass, but the athlete type of size.

Getting that lean build is the dream of every male and female. There are many ways you can work out to get that figure you want, but I'll go through the traditional way today, weightlifting.

Weightlifting can actually be further broken down into different workout regimes. However, for the benefit of beginners (which is the main reason why I have set up this blog), I will talk about the most basic way of weightlifting - the traditional way.

So the concept of gaining muscle is simple. When you overload your muscle, it causes micro tears in them. When you recover, that's when these tears get built up again and more muscle tissue is formed, making bigger muscles!

So how can you overload your muscles? I would recommend you have a short jog on the treadmill first just to get your heart rate up. This way, you will be more ready to lift the weights as your body is already warmed up.

For beginners, you should do circuit training. It is where you select the machines which you will be using and you use them one after another, without pauses. The resting time for your muscles will be the time you are using other machines.

👉 Gaining Muscle 101 (Part 2)

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