Wednesday, November 10, 2021

What's the Right Physical Training Frequency? (Part 2) :

What's the Right Physical Training Frequency? (Part 2)

What's the Right Physical Training Frequency? (Part 2) :

But remember this...

Bodybuilders are interested in increasing muscle mass... not improving over-all fitness levels to get optimal usage out of the body.

Now, I have nothing against increasing muscle size... but I do have a problem with increasing muscle size at the expense of strength, conditioning and fitness levels.

But wait a minute... If I am recommending a training frequency of every day, what about overtraining?

Again... if you are training to force your body to grow muscle, overtraining would be a real concern with such a high training frequency.

But what if your were physically training to "optimize" your strength, conditioning and fitness levels by improving 10 different physical abilities... and used different training methods, intensities and stresses in your training to do so?

That's right... strength, conditioning and fitness improvement without the fear of overtraining.

If you want to reach your true physical potential, you must train your body in the manner in which it was made to be used.

Our bodies were designed not only to survive, but to flourish, in a cruel and harsh environment... an environment that would be physically demanding each and every day.

Do you really think body building type training and moderate, aerobic exercise 3 days a week can make up for our otherwise undemanding lives?

I've never heard a caveman say, "Sorry, Saber-Tooth Tiger, I can't wrestle with you today because it is my day off. I have a strength and conditioning workout scheduled for Monday, so do you think we could wrestle then?"

If you want to meet the random challenges of sport, work and life with excellence... your physical training frequency must reflect that desire.

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