Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Can You Really Build Muscle With the Chuck Norris Gym :

Can You Really Build Muscle With the Chuck Norris Gym

The question begs to be answered... "Can you really build muscle with the Chuck Norris Gym?" That's the question I recently was asked by a friend of mine. After seeing all the Total Gym (TG) infomercials and their recent one dollar free trial offer, his question was... "Can I really build muscle and lose the spare tire I have using Chuck Norris's Total Gym?"

As someone who has been involved in the bodybuilding and fitness industry for over 30 years, I know that any exercise program combined with the proper nutrition and rest will produce results! For me, the question was not can the Chuck Norris home gym get results but, is it a better alternative to Bowflex, and other home gyms available on the market.

In order to answer that question you must first take into consideration what your own fitness and/or body building goals are. For most women, today, I would imagine that losing body fat, and dropping pounds & inches is probably at the top of their list. For the men who are reading this... I would imagine that you want to get a flat stomach, and increase the amount of lean muscle mass you have on your body.

If these are your goals (or similar ones) then the Total Gym is an excellent choice for you. This piece of exercise equipment utilizes the most important principle in building or shaping muscle size. That principle is, progressive resistance.

The TG is different than most other home gyms. It uses your own body weight as the resistance. This can offer a fitness enthusiast some benefits. For one, there are no plates, power rods or resistance bands to play around with. By merely moving the incline of the bench you can easily change the amount of body weight resistance that you are using for the exercise.

One of the major advantages of the Chuck Norris Gym, is the ability to move quickly from one exercise to another. This makes it ideal for... Circuit Training. Another feature I like about this piece of home exercise equipment is that it is easy to store unlike most other home gyms that require an entire room. So, if you live in an apartment, dorm room or small home this may be a possible solution to getting in shape without needing a lot of room.

Can You Really Build Muscle With the Chuck Norris Gym 

Many times, I hear people say... forget home gym equipment just join a gym. Their logic is that your chances of working out at home are less than that of driving to the gym and waiting in line to use the exercise equipment. I just laugh at this type of thinking. To workout at home requires the same amount of discipline as going to a health club or gym. The only difference would be if you have a workout buddy. But, there is nothing to prevent you from having a workout buddy that comes over your house to train with you... is there?

In my area, a typical membership to the New York sports club, Bally's, Golds Gym, Powerhouse Gym or any other... will cost you between $500-$1200 per year. That MORE than pays for a lot of home gym exercise equipment!

The bottom line is... determine what your body building or fitness goals are. Educate yourself on how to workout and how to eat correctly to get the results you desire. (Nutrition is responsible for 80 to 90% of the success of a workout or fitness program.) The Chuck Norris gym is just one of many possible solutions to helping you get that lean, sexy, toned and if you're a guy... a lean and muscular body.

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