Thursday, December 16, 2021

Flabby Arm Exercises, Do They Work? :

Flabby Arm Exercises, Do They Work?
Many women seek to eliminate their jiggly fat in the upper arms by seeking out flabby arm exercises. Will exercises alone solve the problem? Could it be that the solution is greater than the typical arm exercise regimen?

There are few weight loss authorities that believe spot reduction works for weight loss. This is the notion that we can solve the problem of arm fat without attention to overall fat reduction. This is not to say that arm exercises have no value. Yes, exercise can tone up the arms by building muscle mass. I'm not talking here of bodybuilder type of muscle mass, but rather filling out the skin a little bit to tone up the arms.

The typical trainer will then have a two pronged approach to attacking the sagging skin on the upper arms. First he will seek a reduction in body fat through diet and increased metabolism. Fat burning foods will be identified and included as part of the diet regimen. Exercises that impact the total body experience are used to increase the metabolic rate. The exercises selected will have the optimum impact on metabolism and may have little or nothing to do with the arms, specifically.

Second, after attacking the body fat problem then specific exercises will be suggested to tone up the triceps and biceps with the greatest emphasis on the triceps muscles, which constitute about sixty per cent of the muscle mass in the arms.

Triceps muscle exercises will usually include pushups, which many consider the most effective manner of building up the triceps. In this exercise

  •     the palms are placed on the floor, shoulder distance apart and directly under the shoulders,
  •     with the knees on the floor and the body extended, push the body up keeping it straight or in the "plank" position, and
  •     then lower the body down near to the floor.

Additional flabby arm exercise options for the triceps may include close grip bench press, dumbbell kickbacks, pressdowns and triceps presses.

Biceps exercise options may include the barbell curl, dumbbell curl, and preacher curl.

Totally ineffective in reducing the saggy arm skin are creams, rubs and other gimmicky products or procedures. Much advice and many products are available to lure the seeker into a mindset of effortless accomplishment. Do not be so deceived. It's not possible.

Acquiring a common sense approach to diet with emphasis on certain fat burning foods, the fat loss will begin. With a nudge from the exercises to promote a metabolic increase and the flabby arm exercises to tone the arms you can be successful in again returning to short sleeves without the worry of the unsightly fat.

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