Monday, December 27, 2021

Know About Your Ideal Body Shape :

Body building is a spectator sport. Everybody admires the bodybuilder of his rippling muscles and the show of strength. It is true that not everyone can be a professional body builder, but anyone can aim for a perfect body. Having a perfect body depends on a number of things such as sex, age, profession etc. and most people are confused about what their ideal body measurements should be. Generally a perfect body is equated with huge muscles but that might not seem appealing to many. Consider this: some people like Arnold Schwarzenegger and some people like Will Smith - two people with completely different body types. A lean and fit body type suits many. So what is an ideal body measurement?

Popular body builder Steve Reeves had worked out an ideal body measurement. According to him, ideally ones arms, calves and neck should have the same measurement. He has also charted out the ideal body weight of a body builder according to height. For example if you are 5'5" then its 160lb; if you are 5'8" then it is 175lb; if you are 6'0" then 200lb so on and so forth.

Stuart Mc Robert tells about John Mc Callum's ideal measurements in his book. According to him, the y chest girth should be 6.5 times your wrist; waist should be measured by taking 70% off the chest girth; neck size should be 37% of chest girth.

Such measurements may sound ideal but it is very difficult to achieve them in practical life. You frequently hear of body builders using steroids and drugs for those pumped up muscles. Moreover your muscle mass should depend on your bone structure. It is all right to listen to all points of views but when it comes to deciding your ideal body measurement you must use your own judgment.

Generally, it has been seen that most ideal measurements are for body builders but they give good tips on which parts of your body to focus on. For example you should add a bit of bulk to your chest and legs, lose fat around your waist and hips and work out for god biceps. A proportionate body will always look pleasing. A heavy upper body with thin legs will look weird. A huge chest with stick like arms will also look very bad.

Symmetry and balance are the two main things of an ideal body. A research was conducted to determine what kind of body most women and men admire. The result was what was known as the Adonis effect. It chalks out a target ratio of shoulder and waist. This is called the golden ratio that is ideal of your body's measurement. The ideal ratio stands out to be 1.618. It also states that your waist ought to be 45% of your height. A 17" arm may look good on a man whose height is 6 feet but will look out of place on a man who is about 5'5".

The Adonis effect gives you a general guideline of what to aim for. But one thing is to be kept in mind. These proportions are ideal but you have to be realistic. Set small goals for yourself and work towards achieving them.

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