Tuesday, December 14, 2021

What to Avoid at the Gym If You Want a Six Pack (Part 1) :

What to Avoid at the Gym If You Want a Six Pack (Part 1)
I get endless amounts of questions from people asking me what type of workout works best and how much needs to be done to achieve fat loss. Lets face it, most gym members participate in unproductive exercise programmes that they endlessly seem to do year after year without achieving results, they hope of waking one day with the body of their dreams. They put their heart and soul into the same programme without ever changing it one iota. The absence of learning or trying different training principles will never work in the long run. Also copying what the latest celebrity is doing or puts their name to won't work either.

The most common myth that never dies is that lengthy cardio training will shift unwanted body fat. I have years of experience of witnessing the lack of results people achieve doing such workouts. I also have dozens of opinions through research and personal experience to back it up. People often turn to me for advice after wasting years doing similar programmes. If you go into any gym in the world you are guaranteed to see members beating themselves up on the cardio equipment, now if you were to go back a year later you would likely see the same members on the same machines doing the same workout with still the same body shape. But this time they will look even more tired and stressed if they haven't already quit through a lack of results. People don't understand that exercise is a stress to the body and doing more exercise than the body can cope with breaks the body down together with health. The body needs to be in a stress free state to build muscle or lose body fat effectively. There isn't any relationship between training duration and achieving results. The type of exercises you perform and the intensity of the workout will also determine if you get results or not.

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