Sunday, January 2, 2022

Best Way To Gain Muscle Fast : 1 - Progressive resistance

Best Way To Gain Muscle Fast : 1 - Progressive resistance
1 - Progressive resistance :

Progressive resistance simply means gradually adding weight to your weights that you lift. The key here is the word: GRADUALLY. This is the most misunderstood and abused aspect of weight lifting for muscle gain. Most people understand progressive resistance, but GRADUAL weight load somehow gets lost. I believe this is because guys always look for shortcuts.

But here is the thing. If you start adding weight too quickly, you will likely cause one of three things: injure yourself, get discouraged with your inability to lift such a heavy weight, quit prematurely.

If you, however stay on the same weight for too long, without increasing your weight, you will not build your muscle.

You can see, how important it is to get progressive resistance right. That's why I believe that bodybuilding, just like any other human endeavor, is for smart people only.

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