Thursday, January 20, 2022

The Y44 Workout Method (Part 1) :

High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, has been shown to be the most effective and efficient means of achieving good cardio. So after almost a year of experimentation, I combined HIIT with weights. Please understand that Y44 is a method of working out. You can still do whatever exercises you want, split your workouts, etc. The beauty of Y44 is you only have to do one set of the exercise to get excellent results. In fact, doing more is overtraining. I can almost hear the skeptics now, but please be open-minded. I have turned many skeptics into believers. People have been very pleased with the Y44 method.

If you are a senior or significantly out of weight training shape, please see your doctor and get her or his approval before you attempt the Y44 (I always emphatically recommend getting a full physical before undertaking any new workout regimen). Yes, it's that intense. This is NOT a beginner's workout. You also need to make sure your kidneys are functioning properly in order to be able to handle the protein.

The best results from weight training are when you take a muscle to complete exhaustion. Please keep in mind the protein requirements,otherwise this won't work. Again, keep in mind you can do almost any exercise using the Y44 principle. I say almost because some like flat barbell bench or free bar squats, can not be done this way. If you want to do bench or squats with the Y44 method, a machine is the best choice.

👉 The Y44 Workout Method (Part 2)

The Y44 Workout Method (Part 1) The Y44 Workout Method (Part 1) The Y44 Workout Method (Part 1) The Y44 Workout Method (Part 1) The Y44 Workout Method (Part 1) The Y44 Workout Method (Part 1)

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