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Tips in Applying Tanning Creme For A Competition :

Some tanning products are applied through spraying or airbrushing, but these don't get you a deep enough tan. If you're competing in a bodybuilding event or a bikini competition, then you'll a tanning creme that won't melt under the heat of the spotlights and still look dark and even under the brightness of the flood lights.

Apply Tanning Cream an Hour before a Show

First of all, a tanning creme is simply body makeup to make your musculature stand out under the glare of the stage lights. It doesn't promote tanning itself and it's not for everyday use like a moisturizing lotion. When applying this cream, you'll need the help of someone who knows how to use it efficiently on hard-to-reach areas of your body. Ordinarily, a two-ounce tub is enough to evenly cover the whole body.

Tips to Remember While Getting an Instant Tan:

- Commonly dry skin is found on your arms, thighs, lower legs, and sides of the abdomen, if not the whole tummy area. These spots need generous amounts rubbed into them because the skin absorbs more of the cream. A tub contains moisturizing agents, such as lanolin, glycerin, beeswax, and mineral oil.

- Dot the target areas before spreading them out evenly. Women often apply foundation on their faces this way to efficiently make use of the liquid makeup. Don't just scoop an amount and slap it all over your chest. This usually leads to drops of cream staining the carpet or to getting an uneven skin tone.

- To create an even skin color, pat the areas with your palm or ask your assistant to use his or her palm. Tapping your stained fingers leave lines or streaks on the surface. Some people use the specially designed glove made from microfiber material. It's washable and stretchable and won't smudge other surfaces not intended for the tanning creme application.

- The cream sticks more effectively onto skin pores when they're dry. If you or the body builder you're helping has just come out of an invigorating shower, then ask him or her to not leave any beads of moisture on skin. You may apply a base tan that dries up quickly into matte, but most of the time, a moisture-rich formula like Dream Tan doesn't need a foundation.

- Wear dark trunks or swimsuits to avoid smears on your costume before a competition. Although the tanning cream doesn't feel greasy after application, it doesn't dry up as quickly as other skin care products. It has oils that lend to its luminous appearance when the competitors go through their poses on-stage.

Tips in Applying Tanning Creme For A CompetitionTips in Applying Tanning Creme For A Competition Tips in Applying Tanning Creme For A Competition Tips in Applying Tanning Creme For A Competition Tips in Applying Tanning Creme For A Competition Tips in Applying Tanning Creme For A Competition

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