Sunday, January 9, 2022

Zero Minute Abs? : 2 - Eat Right

Zero Minute Abs? : 2 - Eat Right
2 - Eat Right :

OK, this is THE most important part of getting your zero minute abs. Why? Seeing your abs is 100% related to your body fat percentage - and, therefore, what you eat.

If you're a guy and you diet down to six or eight percent body fat (or 12 to 17 percent for women), you will see your abdominal muscles. If you can't get your body fat percentage down that far, you won't.

What about crunches? And ab-blasters, and all those other marketing gimmicks?

Simply B.S. gimmicks.

First, while exercise is good for building muscle and losing weight, you cannot out exercise your appetite. Nope, not gonna happen.

As anyone who has ever dieted to drop fat will tell you, exercise isn't enough. Jogging for an hour is the equivalent of a few chocolate chip cookies - nobody can do that!

So, eating right is what it's all about. Eating so that you diet down and lose fat, and then build up your muscles and eat just a bit more so that you put on muscle without a lot of fat gain.

Yea, it's really that simple. Not easy of course - holding yourself at a consistent body fat percentage while you add muscle is difficult. But it's simple and doable, and that's what's important.

Of course, there are more specific tricks about how to drop fat fast. And how to stay at a low body fat percentage in a sustainable manner. 

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