Monday, January 10, 2022

Zero Minute Abs? : 1 - Lift Big

1 - Lift Big :

Real, big, multi-joint lifts. Deadlift, squat, pull up, chin up, clean and press - all those big, muscle and strength building lifts that aren't 'bodybuilding' lifts.

These lifts will do several things for you. First, they'll give you the most bang for your buck in the gym - you won't be there for 2 hours working your biceps from every angle (as if that even helps...).

Get in there, lift your heavy weights, and then about 45 minutes or an hour later get out. This will also give you the maximum testosterone and growth hormone release, with the least amount of cortisol (stress hormone) release. And because testosterone and growth hormone help build muscle, and cortisol destroys muscle, this is a great time frame to lift in!

Also, big lifts will work your abs without you needing to specifically work them. If you do lifts that put stress on your core for stabilization, like the overhead barbell press and the weighted chin up, your abs will naturally get stronger.

Without a ton of crunches!

Oh, and big lifts will also get you strong. No amount of special exercises or balancing on rubber balls with weird weights will get you that strong.

Strength is the ability to handle more weight, and only by constantly challenging yourself and lifting more weight can you really get strong. Leave the silly, small exercises for other people.


Introduction : Zero Minute Abs?
👉 1 - Lift Big.
👉 2 - Eat Right.

Zero Minute Abs? : 1 - Lift Big Zero Minute Abs? : 1 - Lift Big Zero Minute Abs? : 1 - Lift Big Zero Minute Abs? : 1 - Lift Big Zero Minute Abs? : 1 - Lift Big Zero Minute Abs? : 1 - Lift Big

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