Saturday, February 26, 2022

30 Minute Fat Busting Workout :

Circuit weight training, I have found in 25 years as a personal trainer and owner of my own personal training gym, is one of the most effective styles of weight training fat loss burning workouts for women. Circuit weight training gives the benefits of:

1. Muscle Toning
2. Cardiovascular exercise
3. Weight loss
4. Metabolism booster
5. Increases stamina
6. Fat burning
7. Requires minimal time investment

These are only a few of the benefits to women trainees who are just trying to tone up and lose weight without looking trying for that super hard bodybuilder look.

In my business I have employed traditional circuit weight training where the trainee does what is called a full set consisting of a multiple series of exercises. An average circuit would look something like this:

1. Leg press
2. Leg curls
3. Bench press
4. Lat pull downs
5. Shoulder press
6. Curls
7. Triceps press-down

The above series is done for 15 reps and then the trainee moves to the next exercise until he reaches the last one in the series. Once he reaches the last exercise the trainee would start the series all over again and try to perform a certain number of laps for either faster time or just for longer duration.......

The weight used would be a light weight that would challenge the trainee by the time the began the 2nd set or lap.

The goal is to push the heart rate into a lower fat burning range while at the same time aiming for the benefits listed above.

The key to creating a circuit program is to combine leg exercises into the circuit. Your goal is to get the heart to pump blood to one muscle group then another and then another thereby increasing the workload on the heart muscle.

As an old school personal trainer I have used my own system of circuit training that I call mini-circuits. With my style I can increase the effectiveness of the entire circuit weight training program. I am also able to increase the toning of the larger leg and butt muscles which are key areas for women.

With my style of mini-circuits I will break the body into opposing muscle groups or even singular muscle groups and combine a leg exercise with each one.

In the traditional program listed above it would need a few more leg exercises mixed in. By adding more leg exercises and mixing them all through the circuit I can guarantee the trainees heart rate will reach not only an aerobic threshold but also a fat burning range as well. Further benefits will occur when the program is over as the trainee will have an elevated metabolic rate for quite some time, thereby burning even more fat after the program is over.

I can also accomplish more in less time and increase the speed at which my students get in shape.

This style is more conducive to any trainee that is training in a crowded gym type atmosphere. As a trainer can take the client to lets say the bench press and combine a simple but effective leg exercise that does not require a machine to do and create a super cardio style workout and then move his client around to each major upper body exercise after 3 sets are completed.


👉 Here is a sample of my style of training

30 Minute Fat Busting Workout 30 Minute Fat Busting Workout 30 Minute Fat Busting Workout 30 Minute Fat Busting Workout 30 Minute Fat Busting Workout 30 Minute Fat Busting Workout

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