Saturday, February 19, 2022

A Head Turning Chest Rule :

Chest training has always been one of my favorite, if not my number one body part to train. There is nothing like lowering the barbell to your chest when it is loaded up with weight and you can only move it for 3 reps.

Its not only an ego thing to have a big bench press, but it really is just one of the best exercises ever.

You already know that a well developed, chiseled chest, commands attention. It also will help your confidence because you will walk around with those awesome pecs jutting from your chest.

In this day and age, where strength and power are sought after so strongly, you will be admired for your head turning physique and strong stature.The chest is the muscle group second only to your back in size, therefore it is a centerpiece of a lot of pro fitness and bodybuilding poses.

Many people will start a muscle building, and weight lifting program with the mission of building the barrel chest that the pros have. This is commendable, but it can also throw off your symmetry if you are not careful.

You have to be careful not to neglect other parts of your musculature. If you develop your chest, but neglect your back, it will throw off upper body proportions. Your back is key to giving you that thick appearance to your upper body. If it is underdeveloped, your chest will pull your shoulders forward and give them a rounded appearance.

Don't think for a minute that chest training and development is reserved for just the guys. Women also want that ripped, well developed chest. When women train their chest, especially their upper chest, it gives them better overall balance and symmetry to the way their body looks.

It is only a myth that by training the chest to become more muscular and toned that womens breasts will get smaller. This will only happen if there is a drastic loss of body fat. Training and exercise will lift and firm a womans breast, giving them a much more youthful appearance.

With that being said, lets look at a few ideas for training. As stated above, the benchpress is a great exercise so we will skip the regular flat barbell version.

Many people want their upper chest to develop along with the rest of their chest. The key to a big upper chest is incline presses, either with a barbell, or with dumbbells. I prefer all the chest pressing lifts be done with dumbbells. I feel I have much more control over the movement than I do with a barbell. It also really is much better for your shoulders.

Never train your shoulders with the chest or the day after you train your chest. A chest exercise is also an indirect shoulder exercise.

I hope this article has provided you with some helpful information and motivation.

A Head Turning Chest Rule A Head Turning Chest Rule A Head Turning Chest Rule A Head Turning Chest Rule A Head Turning Chest Rule A Head Turning Chest Rule

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