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Alessandra Tumolo was bullied because of her body – now she's a physique champion :

Alessandra Tumolo was bullied because of her body – now she's a physique champion
 Alessandra Tumolo (L), Andreia Brazier (R)

This weekend Alessandra Tumolo will take to the stage at the London and South East Bodybuilding Championships showcasing one of the most muscular and graceful female physiques in the world.

The 42-year-old boasts a beautifully wide V-shaped back (which positively ripples with muscle!) on top of a super-tight waist edged by razor-sharp intercostals.

Her long, shapely muscle-packed legs are set to be this weekend's show-stoppers and she has a butt which, frankly, most women would kill for.

All the more astonishing then that she turned to bodybuilding after being bullied over her physique.

Alessandra, who works as a Weight Management Consultant and Lifestyle Coach, said: “I mm naturally muscular and as a young woman I never seem to develop any curves compared to my peers.

“I was bullied because I looked like a little boy but I think that gave me the edge to be different and to develop something not everyone had.”

She has certainly done that and her competitive record in female bodybuilding (listed below) speaks for itself.

However the stage-ready 2013 physique of Alessandra Tumolo is the best yet.

The Italian-born but London-based muscle star has brought up her quads superbly this year to match her already jaw-dropping calves. And her double biceps and side chest pose are up there with the very best in the sport.

She said: “I've added about 3 kg (6.6lbs) this year, all on my legs! I am all natural but my diet is highly anabolic I exploit the insulin growth factor IGF1 by eating in a timed manner and a very strict regime of low carbs high fats

“ I have done it for 15 years and it is proven to slow the ageing process stimulate natural GH and keep you lean. The only draw back it takes years to work unlike using GH or steroids but I prefer long terms benefits to quick results.”

Along with her own bodybuilding Alessandra is passionate nutrition and fighting the modern curse of obesity.

She said: “My twin goals right now are to get my pro card and to become more involved with fighting obesity, being more active in the education arena, helping young people to get into sport and healthy living.”

Alessandra Tumolo Full Profile

Name: Alessandra Tumolo

Age: How dare you ask a lady her age? ;-)

Job: Weight Management Consultant and Lifestyle Coach

Where are you from? I am originally from Italy, but I have lived in London since 1992

Height: 5ft 5ins (164cm)

Weight: Off-season 139lbs (63kg) – contest weight 128lbs (58Kg)

Body type: Physique

Measurements: Quite frankly I never take my measurements except when I order my bikini so I wouldn’t really know. Is not a girl thing to measure ourselves. Pictures talks louder than numbers.


Squat: My max would be 100kg, but to be honest I don’t lift heavy anymore as I believe that unless you train to develop strength, heavy lifting carries too much risk of injury and doesn’t build much more size. I stick to medium weight and perform a minimum of 15 repetitions

Bicep curl: Believe it or not I never train arms on their own! They get a good workout in compound when I train chest and back. Same goes for calves which I never ever train. I just am one of those gifted people, sorry guys ;-)

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