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Bodybuilding Nutrition - Easing Into A Bodybuilding Diet :

Bodybuilding Nutrition - Easing Into A Bodybuilding Diet

How to Ease Into a Bodybuilding Diet - Weeks 1-8

Incremental Changes Will Help You Succeed
While it is possible for some people to be able to make drastic changes in a small amount of time, I realize that most people do better by doing small incremental changes that eventually take them to their desired goals. That is the way that I am going to teach you to change your "diet"; small incremental steps that will lead us to a perfect one.

Having said that, we will make incremental changes to your diet every two weeks. Typically, this is how long it takes to create a new habit, as well as this is how long it takes the body to get used to something. Every 14 days we are going to set a new goal. Each goal will build upon the success of the previous one. It is imperative that you use your determination in order to ensure the success of the program.

By achieving each goal every two weeks you will end up with the diet that will yield the consistent fat loss/muscle gaining results that you are looking for.

(Weeks 1-2) Cut the fat.
For the first two weeks I just want you to start looking at the labels of the things that you eat and try to start cutting out as many fats as possible. This is the way that you go about doing this:
a) If you fry things, start steaming and broiling.
b) If you use salad dressing with a high fat content, start substituting them for low fat or non-fat choices.
c) Substitute high fat meats for lower fat choices. For instance if you consume corned beef, substitute it for skinless chicken or turkey. If you consume chicken with the skin, start taking its skin off. Also, buy lean red meats as opposed to the high fat kind. As far as taste, your taste buds will get used to your new low fat eating habits in the two-week period.

(Weeks 3-4) Eliminate refined sugars.
These weeks eliminate the refined sugars from your diet. Where are the refined sugars?, you may ask. They are everywhere. Therefore, in order to accomplish this goal I need you to do the following:

a) Eliminate regular sodas as they contain a large amount of sugar in them. Instead, drink diet sodas. However, be warned that these contain Aspartame and some research indicates that high consumption of Aspartame may cause cancer in the long run.
b) Eliminate the use of table sugars.
c) Eliminate the consumption of any type of sweets.

(Weeks 5-6) Make water the main beverage in your diet.
For these weeks, we just want you to start drinking much more water than you have previously consumed before. We have already explained the reasons for consuming water in the Bodybuilding Nutrition Basics article so no need to cover the reasons why again in this one. In order to accomplish this goal we need to do the following:

a) Substitute all types of drinks (including diet sodas and fruit juices, even if they claim to be natural) for water. Therefore, every time you get thirsty, drink water. b) Drink at least an 8-ounce glass with every meal. c) Drink at least 16 ounces of water during the workout.

(Weeks 7-8) Caloric intake control and multiple feedings.
The following weeks will be the most challenging, but if the determination is there and you have gotten this far, then you will be able to do it. It is now when you will start to see the most unbelievable results.

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