Sunday, February 20, 2022

How to Get the Body You Have Always Wanted! Ultimate Workout!

How to Get the Body You Have Always Wanted! Ultimate Workout!
So, you like so many other guys want to improve your physique and get the muscles that you always wanted. Let's face it, we've all seen movies with big guys in it and want to look like them, we want that air of masculinity that comes with big muscles. Now some of us may start from different points be it overweight or underweight or just from a point where we've never done any workouts but we all want a similar goal, that big muscular body that women drool over!

Before you even start wondering about it let me tell you that it's true, women want big strong men. You won't find a bodybuilder with an unattractive wife, just doesn't happen. I started a program a while ago after buying an eBook online and through a few corrections in my diet, weight training program and mentality towards my goals I have seen excellent growth and development, I'm bigger, stronger and I have more energy... and the women don't mind it either.

So how am I going to help you is probably the next question you want to ask, well I'm going to give you some tips that will change your life.

Firstly and most importantly getting the body you always wanted is like a 3 legged stool, without one of the three legs the stool falls over but with all three it stands strong. The three legs are;

1. Nutrition

2. Mentality

3. Workout.

I could go into scare stories about how little we know about nutrition and diet these days, no one gets an education in schools about how to calculate their required caloric intake so they are left to assume that they should eat the same as everyone else or they assume they just eat what they want when they want in whatever portions they want, the problem with that is that some people eat too much and others don't eat enough. Nearly everyone eats foods that are overly processed and realistically don't know what they are actually eating. The best food advice I was ever given was that if any food has more than 5 ingredients when you are buying it then you shouldn't be buying it. One ingredient is best of course, which means eating foods in their natural state, plain chicken, broccoli, etc.

On the topic of mentality there is much I can say here but to be honest the simplest thing that anyone can learn to do to achieve their goals is to actually come up with their goals, you have no idea how many people think, I want to get bigger so I'll join the gym and that's pretty much as far as they get in developing a plan. When you develop your goals you want to make them as specific as possible and the more specific you make the goals the easier it will be to see the best course of action to achieve those goals. It may sound fundamental but you would be surprised just how rarely people do this.

And finally... workout! This is what everyone usually associates with gaining muscle and for obvious reason but there is one big rookie mistake when it comes to weight training. What people fail at most in their workout is REST! That's right, not what you were expecting at all eh? Guys and women start out and they decide that if they lift weight every day of the week they will get big fast, this is not true, sure you will see a quicker immediate gain but long term you will just be hurting your chances of getting the body you want. Three days rest between workouts would be a much better idea but people are worried that all the muscle that they built up will just waste away if they aren't in the gym. The reality is that you muscle keeps growing even when you aren't in the gym so if you get the rest correct then you get the best benefit.

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