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The rock hard muscle of female bodybuilder Tazzie Colomb :

The rock hard muscle of female bodybuilder Tazzie Colomb
TWO decades after accepting she would have to be 'a little bit softer' Tazzie Colomb rocked the 2013 Ms International looking as hard, muscular and striated as she's ever been.


Looking iron hard, balanced and perfectly composed she took third place in a very tough field behind Brigita Brezovac and Kim Buck.

But we've dug out a video from 1992 when New Orleans muscle girl Tazzie was already battling with the vagueries of female bodybuilding judging criteria.

The ongoing debate that 'the judges don't want us too big or too hard' was in full swing even way back then.

In an interview she said: “I changed this year because I discovered I came in a little bit too hard and that isn't what they 're looking for so I came in a little bit softer.

“I do think it's the way to go - to be a little more feminine and not as hard.

“I think men are attracted to women with muscle but they also wanna say 'hey it's a girl!'”

Fortunately Tazzie seems to have spent the next 20 years ignoring her own advice.

Now 43 years of age the 5ft 7ins tall female bodybuilding legend weighs in at a hugely muscular 190lbs off season and 155lbs on stage.

She flexes 17” biceps and squats 270lbs for 61 reps, She has also benched 315lbs for five reps and curled 135lbs for 6 reps

On her website at she says: "I am a pro bodybuilder and have been competing and working out for almost 20years.

“I have won the womens extravaganza strength show a couple of times. During the extravaganza I set a personal record of squatting 270 for 61 reps.

“I am known as one of the strongest, sexiest female bodybuilders ever. "

Not many arguments there!

Full results of the Ms. International 2013

1st: Iris Kyle

2nd: Yaxeni Oriquen Garcia

3rd: Debi Laszewski

4th: Brigita Brezovac

5th: Cathy LeFrancois

6th: Angela Debatin

7th. Kim Buck

8th. Olga Puzanova

9th. Tazzie Colomb

10th. Jeannie Paparone

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