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Kerri Donnely’s Female Body Building Journey :

Kerri Donnely’s Female Body Building Journey

Nothing tastes as good as looking good feels,”

What really makes some people push themselves to the limit?  What makes them get up every morning and train, regardless of what the weather is like, or how tired they feel?

For Personal Trainer, Kerri Donnelly it’s all about setting goals and sticking to them.

Kerri hasn’t always been so dedicated to her sport, in fact after each baby she put on more in more weight until after her last baby she didn’t like what she saw in the mirror.

“I had stacked on a whole heap of weight and really wanted to get fit and lose it”, she says

So she started working out and slowly but surely she lost 30kg.  She said one of the most important factors to weight loss is to set your self goals.  So that’s exactly what she did.

Kerri before she started working out.

During her training and weight loss Kerri decided she wanted to help others achieve their fitness and weight loss goals, so she turned to personal training.

Three years later, Kerri decided to set another goal to become a Body-Combat instructor.  She passed and now takes a couple of classes a week.

Now for her next challenge.. Kerri has set herself a goal to compete in Female Body Building next year in either May or September.

The Importance of Eating and Training Right

Rather than train herself, Kerri has enlisted the help of personal trainer Sam Howe, from Driven Personal Fitness to train her five times a week.

Although Kerri’s trained for the last six years she hasn’t developed the muscle she should have by now, because she was training with tight muscles, injuries and she was not eating correctly.

“Eating is the most important part of any fitness regime in fact anything you do, if you don’t get your eating right you could be jeopardizing everything,” Sam says

The 28 year old says one of the biggest mistakes people make is not eating often enough and skipping meals.

He started Kerry on a six meal eating regime with a mixture of the right portions of protein, carbohydrates and fats… yep that’s right it is important to have fat in your diet it just has to be the right type of fat!

As for weight training, Sam had to start Kerri from scratch spending the first couple of months releasing the muscle tension, lifting lighter weights and focusing on form.

“She was lifting heavy weights but had tightness and injury, which was preventing her from moving forward and developing muscle,” he said

He now tailors many of her training days to how her body is feeling in terms of niggles.

“If one side of your body can’t do the weights properly rather than trying to push through it stop sort it out, stretch and then try again if you are still too tight stop that exercise and try something you can do… you are not doing yourself or your body any good to work through it,” he stresses

Getting the Right Results – Fat Loss and Muscle Gain

What he is doing is obviously working as Kerri has noticed significant changes to her body in the last few months.

She has slimmed down, has more muscle and “I even have a bum,” she says

Her sciatic nerve issues are all but gone and she no longer feels as run down as she used to.  “I never knew what I was missing out on, I had always just trusted my former trainers when they told me to push through the pain,” She says

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