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The High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Innovation :

The High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Innovation

High Intensity Interval Training, HIIT, Power Cardio, anything you prefer to refer to it as, it is now one of the top recommendations intended for fitness experts and it is actually opening doors to body fat burning for men and women all over the world. Why? Because of the following facts, HIIT suits Everyone, from the trained bodybuilder to the post baby female; all these can experience the many benefits of HIIT.

The four key features of HIIT are:

1. Burn more calories simply by raising your metabolic process, so you drop body fat quicker
2. Improve your power
3. Raise your speed
4. Increase your endurance

What is HIIT And Why does it Perform so Well?

HIIT is the concept of training in time intervals, each interval at a varied toughness. Different HIIT programs perform most effective for various men and women, but everybody can gain from working out from different levels of intensity. When you finish an aerobic workout at an unvarying intensity all through a workout, your system gets into a 'stable state'. This is a state at which your body has adapted itself to the pace you are going and conserves energy. When you finish HIIT, you do not allow your body to enter this particular state and therefore enable yourself to burn more total calories quicker.

Also, HIIT training is performed at a great intensity which raises your heartbeat and lifts your metabolism for a longer period following your workout. The overall duration of your training session is actually much shorter in length than your typical aerobic classes. Some studies state that HIIT cardio helps men and women drop 9 times more body fat compared to those who practiced the traditional way. It makes you question the reason why anyone informed you to practice at a slow tempo for a long period of time!

Example training:

1. Pick any kind of cardiovascular method (running, swimming, recumbent bike, treadmill machine, elliptical machine, and so on).
2. Don't forget to take some time to heat up in order to get your body temperature increased before you begin.
3. At this point start your cardiovascular training at 75% of your top potential, stay at this pace for MHR intensity for half a minute
4. Now bring your intensity down to 30% for 90 secs.
5. Now lift up your intensity to 80% for half a minute.
6. At this point take your intensity down to 30% for 90 secs.
7. Now raise your intensity to 85% for half a minute.
8. At this point get your intensity way down to 30% for 90 seconds.
9. Continue to perform repeatedly these steps, each occasion taking your intensity stage up.

The critical step to HIIT isn't allowing your system to follow, adjusting to a specific level of intensity allows the body to get into steady state and it will certainly begin preserving rather then burning body fat. Keep altering your tempo, and pressing yourself through each interval. Whatever your workout targets are, HIIT is one of the top methods for aiding you to complete them. And the variations are never-ending. You can vary the training variables (exercise to rest ratio, range of intervals) to make the workouts tougher or easier, determined by what you really are trying to do.

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